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Welcome to Drewsim.com – Your Windows Video Editor Review!  For the past two years, we have dedicated this website to the review of the best video editors for computers running the Microsoft Windows platform. This will in large part, continue to be a large part of the focus of this website, but we have decided to incorporate reviews and discussions of the hardware needed to run the video editing software – namely computers. We are in a rebuilding phase – and as a good web site is always a work in progress, we will be constantly trying to present, discuss and review the best video editing software and computer hardware as it is released. We feature the best windows video editors from such well known firms such as CyberLink, Nero, Pinnacle Systems, Corel, Roxio and ArcSoft just to name a few.

What is a best windows video editor, and how does Drewsim.com work?

You may be asking – what is a best windows video editor? When we at Drewsim refer to a “best windows video editor”, we are referring to the top-of-the-line video editing program from each of the above named manufacturers. What we do is present each program in the form of a blog post. In that initial post, we present, describe and give our initial take on the product – this after our initial trial run of the program. After further testing, we’ll often come back with a final impression post. This is why we call this web site “Your Windows Video Editor Review.” In each post, there are links to the software publisher’s web sites where you can purchase the software online. The links will either be photos of the product embedded in the text or links above and below the text. We encourage visitors to click on those links and check out the products.

In addition to the blog posts, we’ll have an About Us page, which is where you’ll find more information about Drewsim.com, and where you’ll not only find contact information, but will be able to leave feedback in the form of comments. In addition, there’ll be a Special Offers page, where we will post links to special offers from not only the software publishers to whom we are affiliated, but such computer hardware firms such as Dell Small Business, Toshiba, and Lenovo.

We look forward to helping you choose the best windows video editor possible, as well as the best deals on computer hardware. Please visit us often. You’ll be glad you did!

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Get Roxio NXT 3 Pro at Drewsim.com!

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